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Fimmtudagur, 17. Mars 2011 17:39

Deka Stonecarpet - decorative flooring

Deka Stonecarpet is a part of Gólflagnir flooring solutions.

» Durable.
» Economic.
» Improves the environment in the workplace.
» Short application time.
» Extra ordinary and elegant.
» Variable color combinations.

Deka Stonecarpet is an elegant, durable and economic floor covering. Typical areas of use are showrooms, shops, offices and other similar places. Deka Stonecarpet gives the possibility of creative design; they can be color divided and possibly have business logos inserted.

Deka Stonecarpet comprise of colored or natural sand with clear epoxy binder. Deka Stonecarpet is applied at 5-22mm thickness depending on the grain size used.

With all steps included the Deka Stonecarpet application comprises of the following elements.

1. Floor preparation and Topp 4000 solvent free primer.
2. Topp 4000 Deka Tix binder, comprises of base and hardener.
3. Suitable sand/aggregates.

Deka Stonecarpet is available in numerous colors and color combinations, depending on choice and mixing of sand/aggregates used.

Deka Stonecarpet can be applied on concrete and other mineral type substrates that meet the requirements. It can also be applied on wooden floors and tiles with proper preparations.

Deka Stonecarpet is suitable where elegant, durable and economic floor coverings are needed. The maintenance is first and foremost done by vacuuming, and can be followed by light wet mopping, especially in areas under heavy load. Deka Stonecarpets need to be deep cleaned, then by low or high pressure carpet cleanig machines. The frequency depends on the environment and load on the Deka Stonecarpet.

Typical Properties:
The values given for typical properties are average figures achieved in laboratory tests at 20°C.

» Pull-off strength: more than concrete.
» Reaction to fire is according to SS 024825/NT Fire 007.

Cure time at 20°C:
» Foot traffic: 24 hours.
» Vehicle traffic: 48 hours.
» Full load: 7 days.

Before applying Topp 4000, it is important to consider the following:

1. The concrete floor should have minimum compressive strength of 25 N/mm2.
2. The evenness of the substrate is vital for the final outcome. The more even the substrate is the better the application.
2. The Concrete humidity should not be over 80% RH.
3. The room temperature should be more than 18°C when applying. Application of Deka Stonecarpet should only be applied by trained specialists.

Gólflagnir is a specialized company in this field, has the right equipment and skilled workers which ensure good results.