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Laugardagur, 28. Febrúar 2009 11:25

Welcome To Our Website

Glflagnir is a leading company in its field in Iceland and has over the years extended its reputation by project in Canada, USA, Israel, Faro Islands and now recently with projects for pharmaceutical company in Bulgaria, Serbia and Malta.

Our floors include a variety of different types of epoxy seamless coverings that are durable, chemically resistant, are decorative and improve hygiene. In addition to our own epoxy based systems, Glflagnir is a skilled contractor and a provider for most polymer based floor coverings with special properties, such as antistatic and heat resistant flooring.

By the definition "Industrial flooring" we are referring to high performance seamless polymer floors for wet and dry, light to heavy duty industries. Typical areas suited for application are food processing industries and food preparation areas, light to heavy duty manufacturing industries, beverages industries and pharmaceutical industries.

Contact Information

Strhfa 22
110 Reykjavk

E-mail: Þetta tölvupóstfang er varið gegn ruslpósts þjörkum, Þú verður að hafa JavaScript virkt til að sjá það.

Tel.: +354 564 1740
Fax: +354 534 1741