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Laugardagur, 28. Febrúar 2009 13:25

Seamless epoxy-quarts industrial floor coating

Maxi 5000 is a 3-5 mm epoxy type industrial floor coating, made out of low
molecular clear epoxy as a binder, Quarts sand or Dynagrip filler and colored top layer.

The product is available in 8 standard colors.

» Variable texture - suited for dry and wet area use.
» Mechanically and chemically durable.
» Seamless surface - improves hygiene.
» Attractive - enhances working environment.
» No risk for food taint during application.

Maxi 5000 has been designed for use as a mechanically and chemically durable flooring material in medium and heavy duty manufacturing environment, particularly those using wet process conditions, and fork lyft traffic. Typical areas of use include heavy industrial plants, meat and fish processing industries.

Maxi 5000 is a three component epoxy resin based floor coatings designed for use of minimum thickness of 3-5 mm.

It consists of colored, selflevelling epoxy coat, filled with quarts sand or Dynagrip, Dynagrip has the hardening 9 on the Mohe scale, next to diamond.

The full system comprises of following;
1. Cleaning of the floor with adequate machinery.
2. Topp 4000 solvent free primer.
3. Maxi 5000 binder.
4. Quarts sand or Dynagrip filler.
5. Maxi 5000 finishing coat.

Maxi 5000 is available in 8 standard colors.

Typical Properties:
The values given for typical properties are average figures achieved in laboratory tests at 20°C. As such, actual values obtained on site may show minor variations from those quoted.

Physical properties:
Compressive strength: 88 N/mm2.*
Flexural strength: 30 N/mm2.*+
Pull-off strength: more than concrete.
Elastic strength: about 12222 N/mm2.*
Thermal expansion at 20-50°C about 56 x 10-6C.
Absorption: water/damp proof.

Cure time:
» Foot traffic: 24 hours.
» Vehicle traffic: 48 hours.
» Full chemical load: 7 days.

Before applying Maxi 5000, it is important to consider the following:

1. The concrete floor should have minimum compressive strength of 25 N/mm2.
2. The Concrete humidity should not be over 80% RH.
3. The room temperature should be more than 18°C when applying. Application of Maxi 5000 should only be applied by trained specialists.

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